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VIII. Brazilian Seminar on Ballast Water and fourth GLOBALLAST TASK FORCE assembly started today organized by the Brazilian Navy and the International Maritime Organization – IMO within the Brazilian Admiral Paulo Moreira Institute for Marine Studies in Arraial do Cabo. Ms. Maja Markovčić Kostelac participates as the national coordinator of the GLOBALLAST Project for Croatia.

Mrs. Markovčić Kostelac will hold a presentation on the activities related to the management and control of ballast water in Croatia, as well as on various issues regarding the implementation of 2004 International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments, and will present BALMAS project focused on strengthening the capacities for implementation of this important and complex scheme on the Adriatic.


Mare Nostrum for the first time on the Board of ECSA

Ms. May Markovčić Kostelac, the director of Mare Nostrum, participates at the meeting of the ECSA Board of Directors, which is being held today (10.10.2014.) in Copenhagen.

Members of the ECSA Board warmly welcomed the inclusion of Mare Nostrum in the bodies of ECSA, and Ms. Markovčić Kostelac expressed gratitude to members of ECSA for accepting Mare Nostrum into their Organization, and expressed the intention of the Organization for active participation in the work of ECSA.

At today's meeting ECSA board adopted the strategic guidelines and program framework for the next five years.

In addition to the board meeting, ECSA organized a seminar on safe and environmentally friendly recycling of ships on 9th October 2014, which sent the clear message about the prompt ratification of 2009 Hong Kong Convention.


Fourth session of the Technical Commission Mare Nostrum will be held on Tuesday 7 October 2014, with the beginning at 11 am in Split, in the premises of the Croatian Ship Registry, which will discuss the upcoming 67th session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee, MEPC, and the draft of the European Parliament and Council regulation on greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport, MRV Regulation.


Ms. Maja Markovčić Kostelac the Director of Mare Nostrum, spoke to today on Committee for Maritime Safety ITF session which was held today in Dubrovnik. Ms. Markovčić Kostelac expressed concern over the increasing administrative pressure on the shipowners and seafarers which arises from a wide variety of international and regional regulations.

"The regulations that were adopted in order to raise the level of navigation safety and the protection of the marine environment are beginning to produce the opposite effect of diverting the attention of our commanders from identifying and solving real security threats to administrative tasks," pointed out Ms. Markovčić-Kostelac, and urged the ITF and Seafarers' Union of Croatia to cooperate in an effort to stop this trend. "We as a social partners in many issues might disagree, but I believe that we could agree and advocating uncompromised but reasonable and knowledgeable approaches to safety, security and environment protection and at the same time rise our voice of concern in respect of growing administrative burden to shipping. "


65th session of the Mare Nostrum Assembly held in Dubrovnik.

65th session of the Mare Nostrum Assembly was held today  in Dubrovnik with participation of Members of the Assembly, its director, deputy minister of the Maritime affairs, transport and infrastructure Mr. Zdenko Antešić and Minister's Assistant Mr. Igor Butorac. The work of the Assembly was attended by Mr. Patrick Verhoeven, general secretary of the ECSA. In his address Mr. Verhoven greeted the association of Mare Nostrum to ECSA, and presented the current activities of this important Organization.

Više o tome

The Assembly decided that Mare Nostrum will be represented in the ECSA Governing Commitee by the Assembly President and director of Mare Nostrum, while the deputy will be the deputy President of the Assembly.

In his address to the Assembly,   Mr. Butorac presented the basic elements of the Maritime Development Strategy  and the upcoming legislative activities.

The Assembly adopted a program draft for subsidizing trainees which will be submitted to the responsible Ministry of the Maritime Affairs. Based on the program, 180 trainees are expected to be boarded on Croatian shipping company ships in the next 2 years, for which the State Budget is to ensure 6.5 mil. HRK.

The Assembly further discussed draft amendments to the Maritime Code, as well as European maritime regulations that are in discussion before the bodies of the EU.   The shipowners also discussed the value of vessels built in the Croatian shipyards that are unreasonably low priced on the shipping market compared to the actual quality and operational value of the vessels.

 As this is a perceptual issue with unfortunately serious economic effects, efforts will be made jointly and separately in touch with brokers on the gradual change of this evaluation, as to outline the actual characteristics of the vessels, their operational qualities, maintenance costs, etc. with a final purpose to objectively valorize the ships.

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Croatian Shipowners’ Association Mare Nostrum is a full member of the European Community Shipowners’ Association (ECSA)

From 1 January 2023, Croatian Shipowners’ Association Mare Nostrum is a full member of the European Community Shipowners’ Association (ECSA). 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Happy St. Nicholas Day!


Towards a more sustainable maritime transport: research and innovation for route optimization in Puglia and in Croatia

Is it possible to improve and enhance maritime transport and, at the same time, contribute to reduce emissions in the field of mobility? The pathway towards a more sustainable ferry transportation can now benefit from a new and effective routing tool. This is thanks to the GUTTA project.

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